Appealing Designs of Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are a fashionable option for discriminating couples. These rings feature a single, attractively cut diamond set in the center and surrounded by a border that is usually set with smaller stones. This makes the central stone look more brilliant and larger than it actually is. The halo cut design is used to create rings that have many different looks. The range of possibilities available with this design is numerous.

The border of a halo cut engagement ring can be compared to the frame of an attractive painting. This border is meant to look good itself while complementing the central stone. The border does not always have small stones. The borders of some halo cut rings are made of plain metal. A border can be of any shape regardless of whether it has stones in it or not. Circular borders are common in these types of engagement rings but some rings have oval, heart or rectangular shaped borders.

One of the popular designs of the halo cut engagement ring is the vintage halo design. This design lends itself to period styling. Distinctive engagement rings may have central emeralds, sapphires or rubies sounded by a ring of diamonds. They may also have enamel or pave diamonds. Contemporary halo designs are also popular and they are suitable for ladies who are looking for an up to date design of halo cut rings.

Contemporary halo design offer a sleek, modern look with a central stone cut in an oval, square or heart shape. Such a ring can make a big impression on the finger of your fiancée. Bands of diamonds or pave diamonds similar to the vintage halo ring may enhance contemporary styles and the possibility of detailing the band using modern patterns in filigree are almost unlimited.

The other trend in halo rings is the utilization of plain metal halos. The central stone in the plain metal halo design is surrounded by a band of polished metal. This band serves the same role as the ring of diamonds by giving the visual impression that the central stone is much larger as well as enhancing and reflecting its brilliance.

With halo engagement rings, brides to be can achieve the exact look they want, whether their primary interest is lasting value, celebrity emulation or up to date styling. Halo rings are appealing because of the many brilliant stones that are grouped together. The type of metal used to make them also contributes to their appearance. Designers use metals like yellow or white gold and platinum to create attractive halo rings.