Interesting facts about white sapphire engagement rings

sterling silver ring with white sapphireThere is no denying that white sapphire engagement rings are the most durable, beautiful and affordable engagement rings you can find around. Of late, they have become popular with men who want to take their relationships to a whole new level. However, as precious as they could be, not much is known about these type of rings. If you are thinking of buying these classy engagement rings, here are basic information you need to know.

First and foremost, white sapphire rings are not as expensive as other sapphire rings. They generally cost less than pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and even blue sapphires. Although, many white sapphires are rare, blue sapphires, however, have higher demands than the former. This does not however imply that a white sapphire diamond engagement ring holds less value when used for engagement purposes.

Another fact about this type of diamond is that they are very durable. This is so considering the fact that sapphire is naturally a very hard mineral that is also scratch resistant. On the scale of hardness, it is ranked as a 9, making it the second most hardest naturally occurring stone. It comes second only to diamond which is by far the hardest known metal. In addition to that, a white sapphire engagement rings are available in virtually all sizes and shapes, meaning that you can never run out of options.

white gold sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Just like diamonds, this type of sapphire is also graded based on its appearance. The highest quality is a triple A, also called AAA. Typically, AAA white sapphires represent about 10% of all sapphires. But how can you tell triple A white sapphire engagement rings? Well, more often than not, they have a white color that is brighter and are brilliant – two qualities that can’t be matched by poorer sapphires. And since they are less expensive, there is absolutely no given reason not to buy the best quality AAA white sapphires.

Another notable thing to remember is that unlike most other sapphire types, white sapphires can be matched with yellow or rose gold settings to bring out an outstanding contrast. The contrast brings out a beauty that can’t be matched with most sapphire types.

It is quite clear that white sapphire engagement rings have become great alternatives, thanks to their affordability. If you want an inexpensive alternative to your spouse, you can’t go wrong with a white sapphire engagement-ring. They have been used by the high and mighty in the society for over a century.