Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise-and-Pear-Diamond-Engagement-RingThe advent of the marquise cut is attributed to King Louis XV of France in the 1400’s. Well technically brides today have Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, his mistress for the marquise engagement rings that are popular today. This is because the beautiful shape of her mouth is what inspired King Louis to commission a diamond cut that resembled her smile. The Marquise cut can also be referred to as navette which means little boat. This is as a result of the shape that resembles a boat’s hull.

Marquise engagement rings have diamonds that are cut in a 2:1 ratio for the navette shape. These diamonds also have 58 facets where 33 are on the crown or top front side and 25 are on the pavilion. Modern cuts have a French tip that includes upper girdle and star facets at the point instead of a large bezel facet. The diamonds also have altered pavilion depths to prevent the bow-tie effect that can be experienced as light goes through it where a shadow is cast across the central facets.

This cut may be preferred for engagement rings because it maximizes the carat weight. This makes the stone appear bigger than others in the same size bracket. Also because of its elongated shape it makes your fingers seem longer and slimmer. The cut should not be too shallow as this would allow light to pass through the back and diminish the stone’s brilliance.

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The marquise cut is very flashy and radiates opulence and the shape is meant to make the stone appear larger through the use of optical tricks. For this reason, having a marquise shaped engagement ring is said to reflect the materialistic aspect of your personality. Apparently, it indicates that the wearer has a superficial attitude on wealth. It also shows that they have a desire to appear extravagant and well off. This may put you off this kind of engagement ring if you are superstitious or subscribe to the school of thought that something on the outside reflects who you are on the inside.

In any case this engagement ring is bold and if a woman has a demure personality and is more comfortable in the background than with the spotlight shining on her, this may not be the ring to pick. The marquise cut has been worn by Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Beckinsale who are by all definitions very bold strong women. Even the woman for whom the ring was commissioned was a force to reckon with. She had frail health and countless enemies politically but still managed to secure nobility ties for her relatives and herself. She was even able to not alienate the wife of King Louis XV whose husband she was a mistress to.