Marquise Engagement Rings

Marquise Engagement Ring smallMarquise rings are among the most attractive rings that you can come across because of so many factors. Not only can they come diamond and gemstones cuts, but they come in styles that encompass the vintage, classic and contemporary designs which allows one to be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best marquise engagement rings.

To understand just how unique these types of rings are, you need to understand the characteristics of the marquise cut which is quite riveting. To begin with, it is among the oldest cuts dating back to the 1700’s. The story behind the ring is that King Louise XIV requested a cut diamond shape that resembled the enticing smile of his mistress Jeanne Poisson when the diamond cut came in, it was the marquise cut also known as Navette cut. The basic marquise cut has the length twice the width but this can be manipulated to achieve various sizes of the same diamond.

Not only do the marquise engagement rings have a romantic story about their history, they also have some advantages that make them the preferred choice for many couples and more so why they should be your preferred engagement ring. The number one advantage is the luscious look that this ring has on all types of hands. It attracts lots of attention without looking too wanting. It looks exceptionally well on slender and long fingers but also has an ability to make short plump fingers look thin and longer than they are.

Because it is a shallow cut diamond, it is a great buy for couples that are on a tight budget. This is because the low cut means that most of the weight of the diamond is carried on top and as such, it makes the diamond put out an impression of having more carats than it actually has which is great since you will be paying less for something that looks very expensive and feels the same as well.

The cut of this type of engagement rings makes it easier to mask some color and tint inclusions that make it look more natural and attractive. However, this boundary should not be pushed too far as it is not very tolerant.

So, you have a diamond that looks great by its self for a low price, it looks great on your fiancé’s hand and it has a great romantic history behind it to go with all that glamour. Why else would you want to pick any other kind of engagement ring for you your loved other than the marquise engagement rings?