How To Choose the Best Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Pear shape side stonesFor a very long time, diamonds have been the stone of choice when it comes to picking an engagement ring. Not only because of their glamour and how attractive they are, but also because of the various cuts that can be applied to them making them even more attractive and utterly fashionable. Among those that you should look out for include the pear shaped diamond engagement rings that are quite flashy and are the must have rings for your loved one.

To make sure that you don’t ruin the occasion by pulling out a ring that looks like a pear shaped diamond and is not but costs as much, ensure that you follow these tips and you will crown that moment with the best ring ever!

The first thing that you look for in the pear shaped ring is the cut. The two factors that should be a No-No in this case are the bow tie effect and the uneven shoulders. You want to get your future fiancé something that resembles her finesse and these two are big inconsistencies. Furthermore, they are easily visible which may make the ring more unattractive and even less symmetrical. To tell if the ring has the bow-tie effect, simply look at the center of the stone or its thickest part. If you notice a dark butterfly shaped area then that is not what you’re looking for. It is acceptable if the stone has a slight spots but if the area sticks out significantly then keep your hands off that.

The uneven shoulders are just as easy to spot even with the naked eye. They mostly occur in the round part of the diamond stone of the pear shaped diamond engagement rings. The problem with this unevenness is that it not only makes the ring less attractive but it also makes it hard to set in the standard settings.

The pear shaped diamond is commonly confused with the marquise especially if the dimensions are not correctly configured. You should ensure that what you’re getting is the ideal pear shape. To be on the safe side, it would be advisable to opt for a smaller stone with higher quality and that has better clarity and color.

The reason why this kind of ring is among the most highly recommended is because it is highly elegant and it combines a traditional round brilliance and the marquise styles for diamonds which makes it quite unique. The sparkle and elegance that this type of diamond cut exudes is nothing less than what you should get that special one in your life and ensure that they’re blown away by your ability to get only the best just for her.