Sapphire Engagement Rings Meaning

solitaire sapphire engagement ring meaningThe sapphire engagement rings meaning has changed ever since it became popular especially after Prince William gave his then fiancé Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, a blue sapphire engagement ring. This was the same ring given to Princes Diana by Prince Charles during their engagement in 1981. The important thing is that the era of diamond rings only during engagement is slowly fading away as people embrace different materials to have on the rings they give to their loved ones on this important day of their love lives.

 Kate Middleton Sapphire engagement Ring

History of the sapphire engagement rings

The sapphire engagement ring is not a new thing and now that it is becoming popular, it is bound to stay up there. Long before diamond rings became the engagement tradition, sapphire rings were used by couples to show commitment and to symbolize love. Diamond rings became popular in the 20th century when the supply of diamond from Africa increased. The diamonds slowly kicked the sapphire rings from the ceremony but now that important people are using the latter, it has started gaining popularity.

Princes Diana sapphire engagement ring

The Meaning

Sapphire engagement rings meaning from back when they were popular was all about a test of fidelity. They were held as symbols of fidelity and purity. The crusaders of 12th century would give their wives sapphire rings to gauge their faithfulness and this might have driven the act to engagement rings. The belief has since faded and now people give their partners sapphire engagement rings to mark the publicizing of a union between two people heading to a more serious commitment of marriage. Still, when a man gives a woman the sapphire ring during engagement, he expects her to remain faithful until marriage regardless of the situations.

Sapphire engagement rings are taking over especially due to the overrating of the conventional diamond rings. Many people have started realizing this and they are taking alternative options that are not as costly as diamond but are equally elegant and precious. The good thing about sapphire that continues to attract more people is the fact that sapphire engagement rings are available in multiple colors and thus are better at personalizing the rings by getting one with the wearer’s favorite color. Some of the available colors include, purple sapphires, orange sapphires, pink sapphires, white sapphires, blue sapphires and green sapphires. You only need to choose the best one that suits your situation and one that will fit well in your budget.