Two tone engagement rings- finding the perfect match

Annello 14k Two Tone Gold Yellow and White Diamond Ring SmallSelecting a ring which has two contrasting metals can be really tricky. Normally people who go for the two tone engagement rings want the ring to symbolize more than just their love for each other. The two tone rings normally incorporate the contrasting metals in order to have the desired effect. The keyword here is contrasting. For instance it would not make any sense to use white gold and some other metal like silver or platinum because they basically are like twins. A two tone engagement ring would be made of something like yellow gold and white gold. There must be correct unison between the two metals.

This is the main characteristic of two tone engagement rings. This makes it possible for one to add multiple stones on the ring. There is no limitation to have a singular stone on prongs. You are free to explore the probability of a fully inlaid stone or even the bezel mount.

One reason why the two tone engagement ring is becoming exceeding popular is because of the many options it delivers. First of all there are so many different combinations for the metals. If you are thinking of gold- as you most probably are, you can work with anything from white and yellow gold to rose and Sage gold. Combining any of these different species of gold will see many of your fiancé’s friends flocking all around her to check out the fabulous piece.

Secondly, there are so many stones that you can add to your two tone gold engagement ring. Do you like white or yellow diamonds? Probably rubies or emeralds make your heart skip a beat. The beauty of the stone will be accentuated by the two metals. For instance a ruby will be emphasized by a ring which combines rose gold with some other contrasting metal. Emeralds with the nice green sparkle will be highlighted by ring which contains something like Sage gold.

It may be quite hard to find a two tone engagement ring that works for your taste perfectly. Considering how expensive engagement rings can be, you would rather have yours custom-made. Customized two tone engagement rings always have more of an appeal to you and whoever you will give it to. Be creative and pay a visit to your local jewelry store. Most jewelry shops allow you to place a personalized order of engagement and wedding rings. They may be a bit more expensive than the rings in the shop but then again, it will be worth the price.