Why Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Are Appealing

Cushion-Cut-Engagement-RingsOne of the types of diamond rings that you can buy for your fiancée to show your love and commitment is the cushion cut engagement ring. Cushion cut diamonds are square in shape and their corners are rounded. Cushion cut engagement rings share similar traits to the princess, emerald and oval cut diamonds. They are puffy in appearance since the diamond looks like a stuffed cushion. 

Cushion cut rings are suitable for ladies who want something antique or vintage looking. Due to their vintage appearance, these rings are at times referred to as antique cuts. The popularity of cushion cuts can be traced to the 1800s. This cut is usually multifaceted in order to give it the highest possible light refraction. Cushion cut diamond filter large volumes of light and they are therefore brilliant.

A cushion cut diamond is considered to be a rare and great find and can therefore set your fiancée apart from the crowd. Cushion cut diamonds are also versatile and they look great in solitaire settings or more intricate settings with side stones. They also tend to look less geometric and softer and they therefore give off a romantic feeling.

The decidedly antique aesthetic shape of cushion cut rings radiates fiery brilliance because of its medium to large culets, large facets, small tables and over forty percent crown angles. This may explain why these rings were very popular during a time when most people used candles to illuminate their homes.

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The antique appeal of cushion cut diamond rings makes them popular because they are a throwback from a time when courting women was fashionable and chivalry and romance thrived. The older versions of this cut make great heirloom pieces that ladies would like to place into the hands of their daughters when that time comes. You can differentiate between the new and old cushion cut rings through their light patterns. Newer rings tend to display needle like patterns while older rings tend to display block patterns.

Cushion cut engagement rings are also appealing to many couples because they tend to have good colors. However, cushion cuts have sixty facets. This is twenty facets less than other cuts. Due to this, flaws can be easily noticed. You should therefore check for any inclusion or blemishes as you buy a cushion cut ring. Since these rings have fewer facets, the diamond may appear to be a little bit duller than the diamonds found in other kinds of diamond rings.